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FAQs in English

Questions for the Nailpolish

Why is the Sofia Nailpolish halal?

With our Polish it is possible to pray and read the Quran. Furthermore it does not contain chemical Alkohols nor any substances from animal origin. Also it is crueltyfree that means our product is not tested on animals.

How can Sofia Nailpolish be wudufriendly?

Thanks to the biochemical composition of the polish, it allows water- and oxygen molecules pass through and reach the nail completely. Hence your wudu is valid.

What are the ingredients?

Water-based resin and vegan pigments.

How long does the Nailpolish stay?

4 days. With the Top Coat even longer.

Is the Halal Nailpolish your invention?

No,  this special Nailpolish is already very popular in Arabic countries. We just brought the product to Europe for you guys and we are proud to mention that we are offering the lowest price on this market.

Questions for purchase

How much are the shipping costs and how long does the shipping take?

Germany: 3,50 €;

Countries within the European Union: 6,00€ - 8,99€

Shipping takes approx. 4-14 working days, depending on your location.